Oracy Programmes

Dr Rogers looked ‘beyond the headline data’ to explore why certain groups of pupils, often from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, were not making the progress they should in some schools in Plymouth, and explored successful initiatives in other towns such as Bradford and Stevenage. Central to the success of these initiatives was a whole-school focus on oracy. Models of professional learning were developed and trialled that were collaborative and informed by research and expertise, an approach to professional learning that is the perfect example of expertise informing professionals who then embed knowledge and skills through collaborative professional learning networks. Having established a large, funded programme of oracy training in Plymouth, Dr Rogers is now working with leading experts, including Judy Clark adviser to the National Literacy Trust and University Lecturer, to offer oracy training at low cost to groups of both primary and secondary schools.

Dr Rogers and Judy Clark are now leading the Cornwall Oracy Project: #KernowTalks! with Cornwall Teaching Schools Together for 73 primary schools and the new #WiltshireTalks with Pickwick Teaching Alliance and Wiltshire Council for 49 primary schools.

New programmes are delivered using a blend of online resources and live webinars ensuring training is as accessible as possible.

These are very popular programmes, if you are interested in benefiting from a bespoke course please contact Dr Rogers for further information.